Clearly Different


We are open and transparent about costs, so you will never receive an unexpected bill.  It’s like having an in-house legal adviser without the hefty price tag.


With over a decade of experience, we realised traditional legal support isn’t always right for all types of business.  This is why we are different.


We get to know you and your business and services are tailored specifically to your business needs.  Only working with SMEs, we provide advice that is right for your business.

What we Do

We cover all three stages of running a business

Running and Growing

Time to grow? We can help with:

Selling and Moving on

When the time comes to sell your business we can help with:

Who we are

2020 Business Law brings a fresh approach to legal support. 


Why we’re Different

2020 Business Law is clearly different. We recognise and understand the needs of an SME business owner. Issues will crop up and you may not have the time (or budget) to see a solicitor to get things resolved.

We understand that at times of worry and change, you need certainty.

We’re making access to legal services flexible and affordable. There is an alternative to the traditional solicitors firm – it’s 2020 Business Law.

Access to our team is simple. Call us. We don’t charge you an hourly rate in 6 minute units. We utilise video calls so you don’t have to take unnecessary time out of your day with travel to us.

We’re your in-house legal counsel. Think of us as an extension of your team, without the hassle and cost of an employee.

We believe a quote should be a quote, not an estimate. We are open and transparent about our costs so you won’t receive any unexpected bills from us.

We specialise in helping SMEs. This means we understand the specific challenges you are facing; as you’re getting established; as you’re trying to grow. You can have peace of mind that we will only give advice that is right for your business.

Whilst Tad Ostrowski and Emma Clist are Solicitors regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority), 2020 Business Law is not regulated by the SRA and operates as a legal consultancy. For more information see here

Working in Partnership

We work with you to explore your business needs, so any advice is tailored specifically to you.  We understand the challenges your business faces and work with you to translate the legal jargon.


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