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Prior to working with 2020 Business Law, I did not have any terms and conditions or contracts. Although this has not been a huge risk with a small client portfolio, the goals are to grow the business and service offerings and therefore have become more important and a higher priority.



As a result of working with 2020 Business Law, I now have a contract template and terms and conditions to use for the services I offer. I found it really easy to brief Emma on what my company does and my plans to grow, we did everything virtually. I didn’t expect to need different T&Cs for my 121 clients and my membership club clients, so I was really pleased she highlighted this. I instantly felt relieved that I have these legal documents in place to protect me as a I grow.



I’m currently launching a membership club (the Beautiful Content Club) and I have my legal documents in place and ready to go. My terms and conditions clearly outline how the membership works and I believe will save me a lot of time and hassle in the future as I grow the membership. It also means any new clients I take on through my 121 services, I can trust that I have legal documentation in place to protect me from an financial loss.


Personal Quote

2020 Business Law has given me confidence that I can focus on growing my business knowing I have the right legal documents in place. I also feel more professional for having this type of paperwork. It wasn’t as scary as I thought – Emma took care of everything and I felt in safe hands. I will be recommending her to everyone!

Gemma Warren


Gemma Warren,
Owner, Beautiful Client Comms

Beautiful Client Comms