We are a carpet & flooring company based in Farnborough, offering supply & installation of various products across the residential and commercial sectors.



We initially contacted 2020 Business Law to write our terms and conditions around 4 years ago. As our business grew and we got busier, we found that we were dealing with more customers who required clear guidelines and therefore we needed a legal document in place to protect our business



We were finding that a lot of customers were not aware of things such as; the time of arrival of the fitters; potential  issues that could arise in the supply chain resulting in delays; that if a customer needed their old floor taken away it was an additional cost. 2020 Business Law recommended that we added some legally binding terms and conditions to cover all instances, so there was clarity for both ourselves and our customer.



2020 Business Law drew up an extensive set of terms and conditions. We clearly benefited from Louise’s experience of working with flooring companies previously. It meant that we added a clause about wood being a natural product and therefore being subject to natural flaws such as knots and resin filler. I had not even thought of adding this level of detail however we have drawn upon this particular clause several times. One particular instance, we had a client who had begun legal action due to the natural variation within their wood floor. It was inspected and found to be a natural variation and not faulty. Louise’s knowledge and suggestion prevented this particular instance from going any further than a few displeased emails.


Personal Quote

The world of business is not all friendly fun and games. At some point there will be a person or organisation who will try to take advantage of you or try to take unfair and unjust action against you. It is at a time like this that you need someone like 2020 Business Law on your side. They don’t charge crazy fees.They give a friendly, professional, helpful legal service. I wouldn’t work with anyone else for the legal side of our business.

Louise Martin

Louise Martin, Company Director
Floor24 Carpets & Flooring Limited