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Free Business Legal Health Check

from 2020 Business Law

2020 Business Law is clearly different. We specialise in helping SMEs which means we understand the specific challenges you are facing. From getting established, to growing, through to succession. You can have peace of mind that we will only give advice that is right for your business.

We offer a free business legal health check as a quick risk assessment for your business. We produce a personalised report based on your answers to a few short questions below, highlighting any areas which could pose a risk to your business. It’s really that simple!

These are not the only areas you should consider but do form a starting point for making sure your business is healthy and compliant. Once your form has been successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation.

Should you have anything urgent to discuss please contact us on or 020 3740 2370 so we can help you before any problems escalate.

Business Legal Health Check