On global recycling day we discuss why you shouldn’t recycle other business’ contracts


Where was the document originally from?

We have seen client contracts with references to laws which clearly don’t apply in England and Wales as well as other documents which have been cobbled together without any sensible legal review. If you use someone else’s DIY contract you may find it does not cover what you need it to.

Beware of copyright infringement

If you cut and paste from someone else’s document it is likely you will be infringing on their copyright and this may have consequences of its own.


Even if a contract has been prepared for the third party by a lawyer, it is likely to be tailored to that third party’s business. Unless you have exactly the same internal processes and interactions with clients/suppliers it is unlikely that the contract will be the right fit for your business.

Do you understand the terms in the contract you are recycling?

If you are going to use someone else’s contract you may find that the terms don’t make much sense to your business or contradict how you actually work on the ground.


We understand that legal fees are the last thing you want to spend your business’ money on but in matters such as preparing contracts this is a valuable investment which will help to avoid disputes further down the line. At 2020 Business Law we only ever charge a fixed fee for contracts to help you budget more easily.  Just give us a call or email info@2020businesslaw.co.uk