Top tips to ensure your T&Cs are fit for purpose.


Whether your terms and conditions have been put together internally, or have been legally drafted, they need to be reviewed periodically to make certain they remain the right fit for your business.

There are a few fundamental things to consider:

Obligations – Is it clear what goods or services you are supposed to provide and when you are committed to do so? Do your obligations depend on information or material being supplied by your customer or client? What do you do if that doesn’t happen? If matters are delayed or prevented for reasons outside of your control, what should you do?

Payment – How much should be paid and when? What action can you take against late payment; can you cease work and claim interest or debt collection costs?

Liability – Do you limit liability for losses that the customer or client may suffer? You can limit liability for any type of claim except for death and personal injury, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation provided any limitation of liability is reasonable. It’s sensible to do this to help protect yourself against excessive claims if things go wrong.

Duration of contract and termination – If one party wants to end the contract what do they have to do? How much notice is required?


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