The Holistic Healthcare Group is a specialist mental health and well-being company. We provide mental health support and education in clinic, to schools and into companies. We’re based in Farnham, Surrey and also offer our services virtually.



Like most businesses we need to make sure we have the correct contracts in place which are regularly reviewed and updated. In the past I have come across some very frustrating lawyers that want to over-complicate everything and speak only in technical terms and jargon…. This is not helpful! They also seem to take weeks/months to do the simplest of tasks.



The benefit of working with 2020 Business Law is that I have never had any of the above problems. Louise has always explained things clearly so that I can gain a full understanding of what is in the contracts. This is essential as when I am asking people to sign them they always ask questions and it is a lot easier all round if I know the answer.

Louise also works incredibly quickly! This is invaluable, especially when working to deadlines. The service is a much easier, more professional and pleasant experience than any I have had before. Thank you Louise!


Personal Quote

I recommend working with 2020 Business Law because it is easy to work with them; they are quick, reliable, professional, and above all trustworthy.


 Sophie Kirk

Sophie Kirk
The Holistic Healthcare Group